At Fiber-Repair we have been designing, working with and repairing medical fiber optic devices for over 25 years. Most of these are laser delivery fiber cables used with high power, high energy lasers. With our experi- ence and know how we can usually save the user a sub- stantial amount of money. Obviously new replacement cables are available from the OEM laser manufacturer for a premium cost. What we do is repair the damage that the laser does to the fiber (usually input end) by rebuilding, polishing and inspecting surface using high power microscopes. We can't always fix every thing, but we will evaluate them for free and let you know the costs.

For example, we typically charge 25% to 50% of the cost of new with a guarantee that the fiber cable works as new when received. We are able to do this because of the unique skills of our technicians. We also do proto- type work involving fibers, glass and plastic. Some of our capabilities include welded ferrules, tapering of fiber tips, angle polishing and others. We can often make small quantities of specialized assemblies that universities and investigators can fit into their budgets. We are familiar with many different types of fiber and connectors. We can of course also do the straight forward things like a simple connectorized fibers.